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While some young children love dressing up and trick or treating, others can find Halloween frightening. The elaborate costumes, large crowds and loud noises can cause your child to feel stressed and scared. As a parent, this is obviously something you want to avoid at all costs. While you may think avoiding Halloween is the only option for your family, this can be difficult. Your child is bound to come into contact with Halloween imagery, costumes and TV shows before the festivities begin. Thankfully there are things you can do to make Halloween less scary for your children while also making it fun.

Don’t Buy Scary Costumes

If your child is anxious about the costumes and mask in a store, go online and search for Halloween costumes instead. This allows you to shield them from anything they might find too terrifying. Rather than going for zombies and vampires, look instead for costumes of their favorite superhero or animal. Find a few options, show them to your child and ask which one they would like to wear. But remember that just because they have chosen one, doesn’t necessarily mean they will wear it. So try not to spend too much money on a costume, just in case. If they really don’t want to wear a costume, find a compromise. They could wear a cape with a favorite t-shirt or just wear the mask rather than the entire costume. This can help your child feel more in control and happier with their appearance.

Get Them Involved

The mystery that surrounds the Halloween costumes and decorations is often what scares children the most. The best way to demystify these aspects of Halloween is by showing your children there is nothing to be afraid of. Buy some Halloween decorations for your home and ask your children to help put them up. Try to go for items that aren’t too bloody or evil looking, such as smiling jack-o-lanterns and happy ghost bunting. Bright colors rather than blacks and greys can also make these items seem less intimidating.

Also, make sure you familiarize your children with Halloween makeup and masks. If they know that the person under a mask is someone they love, they can begin to see the fun side of wearing one. If they don’t want to wear a mask, face paint and makeup can be a less scary alternative for them to use. Do a practice run beforehand to get them used to the sensation.

Plan Trick or Treating Alternatives

If your children are nervous about trick or treating, plan some alternative activities you can all enjoy at home instead. You can play games such as apple bobbing or pin the hat on the witch. You can also watch Halloween movies for kids and turn your living room into a comfortable cinema. You can find plenty of Halloween party games and ideas online if you need inspiration. Just ensure there are plenty of sweet treats involved so your child won’t feel like they are missing out.

Halloween is a fantastic holiday that all ages can enjoy. But if your child is still not ready to fully participate, don’t force them to do anything they don’t want to.

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