Survey Pays Off

Prior to the Olympics I was offered a chance to participate in a study on my Olympics viewing habits. The company offering it was Opinion Square. Reviews and opinions on the company are very mixed… some very negative.  They promised some very large rewards for participation and I was hesitant to get my hopes up. I decided to take a chance and apply anyway.

I was accepted into the study. It required me to install tracking software on my computer, phone, and tablet. My virus protection software wanted to remove it. I was not thrilled by the idea of having my every click tracked, but I knew I have enough computer knowledge to get rid of it if necessary. Before the study even officially began I received my first payment as reward for installing the software. It convinced me to soldier on and complete the process.

When the study began, I was asked to record how I used each of my devices each half hour. The goal was ultimately to see how often and by what methods I viewed or found information on the Olympics. If I did this for one week, I would receive another payment. Completing every day of the Olympics would earn me a large bonus.

All the work payed off today when we used the money earned to buy something we’ve been needing to replace for some time. So, what did we get?

A new range!


When we bought our house, we inherited a range that appeared to have never been touched by a cleanser of any kind. It took strong chemicals, lots of elbow grease, and a shovel… yes, a shovel… to clean it enough to make it usable. The burner coils sat lopsided. The lock didn’t work, so the self-clean feature no longer worked. Knobs were broken. The timer would go off whenever it felt like it. The drawer at the bottom could not be pulled out, unless we wanted to spend an hour realigning it to get it back in. Basically, it was a hot mess of metal.

Our first goal as new homeowners was to replace the range. It didn’t happen. So many other things came up. We bought a washer and dryer first… they took the ones that were supposed to stay, but based on the condition of the range, I’m glad they did. Then the refrigerator went. We replaced that back in February of last year. Them we rearranged our remodeling schedule because somebody special was coming. There was also Xander, of course. Kids are expensive!

The reward for the survey finally gave us a substantial a windfall… a chance to get something big from our list of things we need to update. We decided the range was most important from the list because it is one of the items we use most.

It arrives on Thursday. I’m so excited! I think I will cook a nice good-bye meal in our old range on Wednesday. I can’t decide what meal I want to make. I’ve found two great-sounding recipes. One is for a Roasted Vegetable Lasagna and the other is a “Neatloaf.”

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