Swim, Sun & Fun ~ Prize Package #4


Package #4 – ARV $330

For more details, click on each link to read the actual review.

Bear Paw – Bear Claws Meat Handler Forks

Stephen’s Stovetop BBQ – Stovetop Grill

Frogglez – Swimming Goggles

Chicken Soup for the Soul - Barbeque Sauce and Chili Meal Builder

GameDay Score Board – Basketball Score Board

The Orb Factory – MYO Chalk Kit and MYO Bouncy Ball Kit

BonziGolf - Links and Aces Golf

OOFOS - Winner’s Choice Shoes



  1. its been awhile since I have traveled out of the state of MA. so I am not sure what the dry heat is like but here in MA its hot muggy sort of , the heat that makes you stick to everything loll thanks

  2. i prefer the beach to the pool for the surroundings, etc. but just for swimming, i prefer the pool b/c the salt water dries my skin out really bad and i hate getting sand in my bathing suit and everywhere else :)

  3. I like the dry hear of the west. The humid heats makes me melt

  4. For enjoying the sun, I prefer the sun, but for swimming I prefer the pool. Not so crazy about salt water in my hair and eyes.

  5. in a foreign country where the laws are diff. – what was it like? Yes, in France the first time they had B/C for showers & changing both men & women used the same ones. It was not bad but a little different. each a little cube one with shower and another for changing.

  6. I have never been to a nude beach. That is just not my thing.

  7. My favorite beach is Bermuda – it’s beautiful there!

  8. I prefer the dry heat of the West, CALIFORNIA!!


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