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Do you like to play Tic-Tac-Toe? Are you ready to take it to a whole new level of challenge? Then you’re going to love Brix!

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Brix involves a collection of rectangular pieces that look a bit like two die stacked on top of each other. Around the piece is an arrangement of X’s and O’s. Each X and O is also a different color. The idea is for you and your opponent to place these “brix” in a way that will get you four in a row while staying within a playing field that is no more than eight blocks wide. The trick is doing so without giving your opponent a win. It’s far more challenging than it sounds!

Credit: http://tyrneathem.com

There are a few variations of Brix to keep it interesting. You can play a very basic game of matching by color. This would be great for younger layers or those just getting to understand the game. You can also play by matching the symbols… even requiring that they must match both color and symbol. This is more like traditional tic-tac-toe. Finally, when you’re ready for a really big challenge, one person can play a symbol while the other plays a color. This version can be nerve-wracking but in a really fun way! 😛 It’s definitely more of a brain-twister because your brain wants to look for the line-up of symbols that we’re more accustomed too.

The brick pieces are sturdily made and feel nice in your hand. They’re surprisingly weighty. They all store neatly in the box and are very easy to put away. If you like to keep your game cupboard neat like I do, this game will make you happy. 😉

Credit: http://tyrneathem.com

Overall, Brix is a fun game for two. It works well for ages 7 and up. The younger kids will get some help with pattern recognition and the older kids and adults will like the challenge of outwitting their opponent. I like that the games are quick… usually no more than 10 minutes… so there’s always time to play a quick game. I will say, though, that the gameplay experience is a bit limited so it’s one we will enjoy but probably not play regularly. Would probably be best for bigger families or those who have company often.

Pros: Easy to pick up. Quick games. Variations to keep it challenging.

Cons: Might not get as much replay as some of their other offerings.

Overall Rating

Blue Orange Games was founded in 2000 by Julien Mayot and Thierry Denoual in San Francisco, California. As a company, they are driven to spread the timeless pleasure of connecting face to face with family and friends around a great game.

X’s and O’s are taken to a whole new dimension in the one-of-a-kind strategy game Brix. Players build a wall of bricks by placing their pieces on top of each other. The first player to align four of their symbol or color in a row wins! But watch out! Each brick contains both your symbol/color AND those of your opponent. So each time you add a new piece, you risk helping your opponent win the game! ($21.99)

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