Sometimes Spam Makes Me Laugh

I received this gem today. It’s one of those messages that makes you think, “Someone can’t actually be dumb enough to fall for this, can they?” It actually makes me sad to think someone would think it is legit. I am David Ellis Head of...

{Witty Wednesday} Forced Perspective

Forced perspective is camera trickery that involves taking advantage of the way the eye interprets items at different distances and perspectives. It can create some really funny and very cool images! See more cool examples of forced perspective...

{Witty Wednesday} I Believe I Can Fly

I use an iPhone app called AppRedeem. One of the ways to earn points is to watch videos submitted by other users. There was one that made me laugh out loud… it was just too adorable not to share!  Originally posted here. I uploaded to YouTube in order to...

{Not So Witty Wednesday} Oklahoma

This is normally our day for a giggle here at Tyrneathem, but out of respect for Oklahoma we are taking this time to reflect on the tragic loss of so many lives to Mother Nature’s fury. Prayers and thoughts with all those touched by loss....
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