We’ve been talking a lot about how to face the oncoming winter recently. With good reason. If your home isn’t prepared to face the elements, then it can cost you a lot. It can cost you your money, your home value and even your health. If you’re not taking the precautions below, then you’ll find that yes, your home is at serious risk from the elements. So get reading and start acting on it now to make sure no further damage is done.

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The Cold

With the days getting shorter and the nights brisker, it’s important to talk about the cold in your home. Heating is a luxury and paying for it is a concern for a lot of people. So you should be doing what you can to make your home warmer for the coming months. However, there’s a lot you can do to make the temperature in your home easier to control. For instance, covering your windows and using draft excluders to keep heat from fleeing your home. In the summer, the inverse is true of these tips. They stop the heat from rushing into your home instead. Getting too hot in the summer can be just as bad for you as getting too cold in the winter.

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The Wet

If it’s health that you’re primarily concerned about, then you need to think about the year-long risk of moisture buildup in your home. By far, the most common source of all damp and mold concerns in the home is the roof. Leaks in your roof can also cause wooden attics to rot. Rain can happen anytime, so it’s important you start guarding against it now. Consider having someone like a residential roofing contractor inspect your roof. It only takes one broken or missing tile to become a serious concern. You should make sure you’re cleaning and maintaining your A/C and ventilation. Dust and moisture that builds here can easily start to spread.

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The Ugly

A lot of us like to spruce up the exterior of our homes from time to time. Whether it’s our garden benches or our walls, a lick of paint can add a lot to the home. It can make it more our style or even make it more valuable. However, if you’re not aware of the effect that the weather can have on exterior painting, it can cause a lot of unsightly damage. Both rain and direct sunlight can cause this. Meaning a lot of wasted money and effort. Cracks in the paint are more than ugly, however. Moisture gets trapped between the paint and your wall. Over time, it can find its way into the home, meaning more problems. Make sure that you’re properly protecting any paint jobs you do on your home.

It’s never too late to start protecting your home from some of the most serious threats out there. The tips mentioned above are going to help you come rain or shine. Even if you get through the winter okay, you should be aware these tips are just as important for the summer.

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