The new school year is officially off to a start here. Xander started his Kindergarten year yesterday. He didn’t begin the day very thrilled about the idea. It was a tough morning getting our little night owl out of bed and off to the bus. He didn’t want to eat breakfast even though he was starving at bedtime the night before. He didn’t want to get dressed even though he hated his pajamas the night before. He didn’t like his backpack even though he loved it so much last year that he didn’t want a new one this year. *sigh*

Of course, I wanted to get the official First Day of School Picture. Don’t we all need to have our collection of embarrassing and cute pictures to try to hide from future boyfriends and girlfriends? 😉 Much like the rest of the morning, it didn’t go very well. He didn’t want to even go outside to begin with and then he didn’t want to stand. Asking him to hold the sign I made was apparently torture and so embarrassing. (Hey, I may not have Pinterest-worthy skills, but I was kind of proud of my cute little sign.)


Eventually we got a slight eye roll with an almost-smile. We didn’t get the cheery, happy first day of Kindergarten shot, but we did get a good one to show to his future prom date. 😉 *evil laugh*


The morning turned out to be the better part of the day when we went to pick Xander up from his bus stop… he wasn’t on the bus! At first I thought he may have fallen asleep like he often did last year, so I got on the bus myself and looked. I got off the bus completely in shock. I knew it probably happens, but it’s super-scary when it happens to your own kid… especially when he is taking the bus for the first time.

Maybe I’m crazy, but I also thought it was really wrong that the bus driver just told us to call the school and drove off! When I was a kid they would have been on their radio immediately to have others check their buses. I was on the phone immediately and had to re-call 3 times before someone finally picked up. I was definitely getting panicked and by that point I went off on the secretary at the school.

They found him on another bus and delivered him safely back to the school for us to pick up. I did give them an earful when I got there, but they were also apologizing up, down, and back and forth. It was actually Xander that truly let us know what happened. The driver  on the wrong bus happened to be the same one he had last year in the evening. He would drive to school with a male and come home with a female, so he thought that was the drill this year.

I still can’t believe it happened. These younger kids all have giant tags on their backpacks with their name, bus number, and teacher’s name. Someone should have been making sure kids were on the right bus. The good news is that this incident means that they will be putting extra teachers at the bus exit and verifying that kids are on the right bus. It’s ridiculous that a kid had to get even temporarily lost for this change to happen, though.

So, the school year started off a bit crazy, but the second day has (so far) gone much better and Xander is now excited for school. I think it’s going to be a great year!

Are your kids back to school? How did the first day go for your family?

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