Fitness is more than a desire; it’s a state of mind. Being fit and healthy means embracing a new lifestyle and a new way of thinking about exercising. In short, there’s more to fitness than remembering the address of your local gym, and this is exactly why it is so difficult for people to stick with a fitness program. It demands not only dedication and efforts but also a fair bit of motivation. Motivation, unfortunately, is very volatile. There’s a gap between not liking your body as it is now and having the motivation to work hard to improve it. While you can find a lot of articles online about how to find and keep your motivation about fitness, there aren’t many that can help you to create this first motivation. Wanting to change who you are, how you think and how your day runs depends on a lot of mental work, and without the right support or the right way to proceed, this is where more fitness wishes die. Getting fit is not about staying motivated, but is about creating the right amount of motivation to be ready to change your lifestyle for the best. Here’s how to do it.


Create A Comfortable Routine

Being motivated, wanting to stick to vegetables when you could have cake instead, and being happy to jog instead of staying at home and watching your favorite TV show, requires the creation of new habits. Building a new life routine is core to setting the base for your motivation, Indeed, new habits help you to think differently not only about your fitness goals but also about the ways of your old lifestyle. So start building a routine with your healthy meals, and with workouts to help your mind to gradually accept the new fitness regime. The more you repeat an action, the quicker it’ll become an unquestionable habit.

Pick An Exciting Alternative

As much as you try to develop new habits, this can be made more difficult if you can’t find any excitement in your new choice of activities and food. Indeed, for many replacing a fatty and sugary meal with a fresh salad can sound a little dull, and it is if you can’t create an engaging taste experience, such as by using lemon juice to lift up a meal or with spice to create a hot dish. The same argument is valid for sports activity. If you are someone who enjoys rhythms and music, it’s likely that yoga won’t be satisfying. If you prefer to see quicker results, you will need to pick an HIIT workout such as the max program – you can find out more about max workout and other workouts here. It’s about choosing something that matches your personality and your tastes.


Keep Things Playful

Those who stick to their fitness plan have adopted a playful approach to fitness. They rely on the help of friendly apps, for their workout performance and their food journal, that rely on a gamification principle. Users receive a reward for positive work and are more likely to reproduce the positive behavior. Similarly, teaming up with a friend for your weekly workout program is the ideal way to build a team spirit and stay motivated. Whether you pick boxing, jogging or even cardio circuits, exercising with a friend increases the emotional support altogether and encourages the production of serotonin, which is the happy hormone.


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