When you have kids, you’ll move mountains just to be sure they’re happy and healthy. You will make changes to your lifestyle you’d never have imagined. You’ll cut spending in areas you never knew you could cut it in and will put yourself in physical pain to ensure that they are not. In short, you’d do anything for them.

Keeping your child healthy is something a parent never stops thinking about. You may spend eighteen years looking after and nurturing them, but you’ll be thinking about their health long after that. And part of health is knowing that they are safe and happy. Which is why a lot of parents early on turn to co-sleeping as a way of soothing an upset baby. But it is a good idea?


To put it simply, if we’re talking about a child’s health and safety, it’s easy to see why some people advocate co-sleeping. The baby is close to you and comforted by your presence. However, on the other hand, the baby is close to you. And you’re asleep. And, if you share a bed with anyone else, that’s two people plus baby. The risks outweigh the benefits in a fairly major way. The experts at agree.

You probably don’t need to have a picture drawn for you on this, but for clarity: Any number of things can happen while you’re asleep. There are too many stories of a baby suffocating in this situation for it to be a good idea.


“So What Do I Do Instead?”

Of course, you want to be there for your baby, and there are a lot of competing opinions on the best way to do things. It’s important that they get comfortable sleep, and the same is true for you. A sleep-deprived parent is not only at risk of making mistakes with baby care, but will also feel emotionally more fragile. That’s just not a good mix.

It’s simply the case that the best sleep is afforded by sleeping separately and you having the right bed in which to do so. So you get Baby a comfortable crib and check out sites like for the right mattress for you. You can keep the crib next to the bed and buy a night light. It won’t be so bright that it keeps you awake but will offer comfort to your little one.

“Is There An Alternative?”

If you’re not totally comfortable with having a crib in your bedroom for any reason, then having a nursery for the baby is the next option. Put a rocker in there so that you can sleep in the room if necessary. For some people, this is the best option if one parent is staying at home to look after the baby. If the other is going out to work and needs a lot of sleep, they can organize the best schedule between them.

The most important thing overall is to ensure that the best habits are ingrained early on. Although it may be counterintuitive to you to put any distance between you and baby early on, it ends up being the best choice for all concerned.

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