I should start off my review by mentioning that I have not personally seen any previous Swan Princess movies, so The Swan Princess: Princess Tomorrow, Pirate Today is a fresh experience for me. I read some other reviews and they did a lot of comparing to the older movies… that’s not something I will be able to do for you.


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I don’t want to give away any movie spoilers, so I will try to just sum up my own feelings. I found the animation to be pretty typical of today’s children’s animation. It’s okay, but looks a bit rushed. The colors are bright and eye-catching. The characters’ features are larger-than-life and very expressive. The tunes they sing are catchy and you’ll catch yourself tapping along.

The movie has an underlying message about being true to yourself and not being afraid to explore all aspects of your personality. Our main character is stuck in the princess role but knows that there is much more to herself. She wants to be a modern princess… and a pirate. 🙂 She definitely gets an adventure that helps her grow. There is also a story of a young boy and his parents that have to make a tough decision. Overall it provides a story of parental love. There is great comic relief from some hungry creatures set on cooking up Lord Rodgers. There is definitely a lot of variety of emotion and lessons for a quick, kid-friendly tale.


Xander, as a boy, is probably not the target audience for this movie, but he did enjoy it. There is enough action to suit both genders with a storyline that parents will love. I recommend adding this to your DVD collection. It’s available now!

Overall Rating


swan-princess-dvdWith her parents away for the summer, fun-loving, young Princess Alise must spend her time with Queen Uberta, training to be the perfect, proper royal…But what she really wants is to become a swashbuckling pirate! Princess Alise sets sail with Lord Rogers, Jean-Bob the frog and Speed the turtle on a bold, high seas journey filled with amazing adventure, danger and discovery. After a shipwreck leaves the brave crew stranded on a wild, mysterious island, they meet Lucas, a young boy who has been living in seclusion. Now the faithful friends must work together to escape the island and the ferociously hungry creatures that dwell there.

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