So, a new year has dawned on us – and for many people, it symbolizes the start of something new. For those of us who struggle with motivation, the arrival of a new year is the prompt we need to help us make those changes to our lives. In many cases, it might be the changes we needed to make a long time ago but have put off for a variety of reasons. Whether you call them ‘new year’s resolutions’ or simply goals for the next 12 months, nearly all of us make them. One of the most common resolutions that people set is to do with fitness and health. It’s no secret that generally speaking, nearly all of us admit that we could be a little bit fitter, or could do to lose a bit of weight. Using the new year as a way to turn over a new leaf can be a great way to get yourself into the right gear. But what do you do when that’s simply not enough? If you have tried to get fit before and have given up after a few weeks, doing exactly the same routine again may only lead to a second failure. Being bored by your routine from the offset already means you are setting yourself up to fail. Take a look at the following tips on ways you can stay motivation and smash your goals.


Keep Your Meals Healthy Yet Tasty

Think of healthy food and probably the first thing to come to mind will be a salad. Now, how many people can honestly say that they enjoy eating a salad? It’s probably not many. But drizzling the whole thing in calorific dressing isn’t going to help you shift the pounds. Or, you may think that a healthy diet means eating ‘lean and clean’; plain chicken breast, unseasoned broccoli, and sweet potato wedges. Healthy, yes. Tasty, not so much. Eating the same plain food every day will mean you soon start to dread mealtimes even if you are starving, and you are more likely to revert back to old habits quicker than someone can say ‘beef burger!’. But clean eating doesn’t have to be this way. Spend some time educating yourself on what types of foods you need to help nourish your body. For example, if you are doing a lot of weightlifting in your workout routine, you will need a high-protein diet to ensure that your muscles can repair themselves after the gym. You can also tailor your meals to your own personal taste. Love spicy Asian food? A few simple ingredients are all you need to put together a healthy low-fat stir-fry sauce. Then simply add fresh vegetables and noodles and you have a tasty dish that’s also good for you.


Switch Up Your Workout Routine and/or Follow a Set Plan

Hands up. Who dreads the gym? Sometimes dragging ourselves there can be a real pain, and occasionally that membership goes to waste completely. In many cases, it’s little wonder that this happens. After all, who in their right mind wants to spend another soul-destroying second on the treadmill at 4.5% incline? But by varying your workout routine from day to day you will experience a new-found invigoration for exercise, simply because you are no longer getting bored. Try a number of different types of workout to see what you like best. You never know, you might find something that you fall in love with and that makes you desperate to get to the gym every morning. It could be high-intensity Tabata, it could be Zumba, or maybe you love weightlifting. Plus, having variation in the type of exercises you do can also help you avoid the dreaded ‘weight loss plateau’. Or, if the gym isn’t so much your thing, embarking on a set fitness program can be a great way to motivate yourself to get moving. Take a look at this bikini body guide review and see if something along those lines might be suitable for you. Often, having a plan laid out for you is a great way to bump up your motivation and make you stick to a routine.


Set Yourself a Goal

Saying ‘I want to get fit’ is all well and good. But is it really a clear goal? Goals lay out paths for us, and if your goal is not clear, your path may well be winding and full of obstacles. Hitting an obstacle early on can have very negative results, especially if your heart isn’t entirely in your new lifestyle choice in the first place. By setting yourself a real, physical goal, you will find that you have less room for leverage. For example,  many of us say at the start of the year that we want to lose 30 pounds by June. But as the months go by and we find that life starts getting in the way of our workout regime and healthy eating plan, that 30 pounds changes to 15 pounds. Then it changes to 10 pounds, and then a couple of pounds. Unfortunately, this leads to progress being very slow, or even no progress happening at all. Rather than just setting your goal in your own mind, sign up for something that requires you to make changes and see results. This could be a local fitness challenge, of which there are plenty around. Anything from a brutal obstacle course challenge to a fun run is acceptable – as long as it requires you to sign up or even better, pay a deposit of sorts! Once you have committed to doing something, especially if it’s for charity or alongside a friend or family member, you will feel the pressure to pull it off. Being under pressure can have it’s pitfalls as it can be stressful, but it can also be the push you need to help you succeed. Sorting out your health and fitness can be a bit of a minefield, but with these hints and tips, you are sure to set off on a path to success.

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