As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog post, I am working my way through another month of blogging prompts. It’s a fun way to get myself writing on topics I may not normally discuss. I’d also love to read your own responses to the question… be sure to comment below with your own answers or links to your blog on the topic.


What are three goals for this month?

Probably not a big surprise, but my biggest goal this month is weight loss. It’s always a goal. I don’t want my body at this weight. To be more specific, I am aiming to lose about 10 pounds. In a later month, this may not be a realistic goal, but I am restarting the low-carb diet after a spell of being discouraged. Weight loss generally is faster in the first month.

My second goal is to get all of the old posts edited here on the blog. I have made several changes to the look and feel of Tyrneathem over the past year (with a few more changes to come) and it has left several posts and photos looking out of place. I am working on a bit of a revamp of how the site is organized, as well. I want to put the focus more on my interests. It seems like I would feel a bit more of that old love for blogging if I’m back to writing about the things I truly love.

My third goal is more family-oriented. Ross and I are working on setting chores and goals for Xander to achieve each day. We want to set up a bit of a reward system for him to earn certain privileges. We feel he’s been a bit under-appreciative of just how… ahem… spoiled… he is. 😉 To give an example, I actually found an entirely brand new and unopened LEGO kit under his bed that I didn’t even know he had! I don’t want to tell Xander’s spoilers to stop spoiling, because I know that’s futile. I just want him to be more grateful.

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