hong-kong-352489_1280If you’re lucky enough to visit Hong Kong, you’ll marvel at a unique blend of British history and Chinese culture. You may also be amazed at the high prices. If you want to save some money on everything from food to hotels in Hong Kong, check out these tips.

Go Express

Before you leave the airport, buy an Airport Express Travel Pass. Depending on what you pay, you can get a round trip on the train that travels from the airport to Central in just 24 minutes. In addition, you enjoy unlimited trips for three consecutive days on the Mass Transit Railway (MTR) subway, light rail and bus. For convenience, find a hotel near an MTR station, such as the Best Western Hotel Harbor View, which is right across the street from the Sai Ying Pun station.

Eat With Hawkers

hong-kong-503765_640The city’s cosmopolitan food scene means you can eat dishes from around the world, including your own home town. But why not find out what real Chinese food tastes like by lunching at a cooked food center, hawker center or dai pai dong. In this often-raucous Hong Kong tradition, inexpensive food stalls that are individually owned and operated surround tables and chairs. Food signs are usually printed in Chinese and English. If you don’t know what’s good, ask a local. Try the Bowrington Road Cooked Food Centre, which is barely a block away from the also-inexpensive Hotel Bonaparte by Rhombus.

Visit the Freebies

For attractions that tell you about Hong Kong and broaden your mind, visit some of the museums. Many that charge admission are free on Wednesdays, including the Museum of Art, the Heritage Museum and the Science Museum. Some attractions are always free, including the Zoological and Botanical Gardens, the Symphony of Lights, which happens every evening at 8 p.m. in Victoria Harbour, and the Tian Tan Buddha. These sites are scattered throughout the city, but the history and science museums are next to each other and about a 17-minute walk from the Eaton. This hotel is also close to the Jordan MTR station, which you can take to visit other attractions.

Now that you know how to save money on some of the basics in this Asian gateway, you’ll have more to spend on such luxuries as nightlife, a high-end restaurant and shopping. As the Chinese say, “Yi lu shun feng!” (Have a good journey!)

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