Time to kick off my New Year New Me 2015 challenge!

As I mentioned in my new year post, one of this year’s goals is to finally get control of my weight. I always find it motivating to share my progress and I hope to encourage others to join with me. Each week, I am creating a challenge for myself to improve on an area where I need some work.

My first task is to get myself moving again. I seem to be spending more and more time watching TV in my down time. I thought I would make all this TV watching work in my favor with some commercial-time exercising. I believe I’ve shared a version of this here once before, but here is my new and improved version ready for printing and sharing!


Feel free to pin it to Pinterest, share it on Facebook, and print it off to keep on your coffee table. Let’s get each other moving this year! I’ll officially start this tomorrow, but it doesn’t hurt to get started now, does it? My plan is to do this for all the commercial breaks of any one hour of television. I’d like to work my way up from there or explore other commercial break fitness ideas.

What other topics do you think I should cover in this weight loss series? I know many of us share similar concerns and trouble spots, so lets see if we can find the solutions together!


  1. Thank you so much I just printed this off and am going to share on pintrest and facebook. What a great way to get in shape it doesn’t seem so bad when you are only exercising on the commercials.

    • Yay! Welcome aboard! I completely agree… it’s learning to sneak bits of exercise into your day and make it more of a habit. Good luck!

  2. I Ilove this! I am going to print it off and use it.


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