Tips for Finding the Best International Hotel Prices

International travel is a dream of many. If you are finally planning the trip of your dreams, it is important that you carefully plan and budget for your travel and hotel accommodations. Whether you are looking for hotels in Rome, London or Paris, knowing the ways you can save a few dollars is important, especially if are on a tight budget for your international trip. Here are some easy ways you can save money when booking your next hotel stay abroad.

Loyalty Programs for Chain Hotels

The easiest way to save on your international hotel accommodations is to stay at familiar hotels and use your loyalty program rewards. If you are a business travel or spend a lot of time in hotels stateside, you may already have some loyalty points or miles saved to use for your next vacation. Check with your specific program to find out where their international hotels are located and if they have affiliated hotels that work under a different name so you can have a wide variety of options before you book.

Book During the Off Season

Most popular vacation destinations around the world have both a tourist season and an off season. This will vary depending on the location, but looking for deals during the off season can be the best way to save on your hotel accommodations. Because no hotel wants to have a large number of empty rooms, they can give you better rates for your stay when they are not booked full during the tourist season. Booking in the off season may put your vacation in the middle of colder weather, but most tourist attractions will still be available for you to explore.

Consider Other Accommodation Options

When you travel you don’t have to stick with the five-star luxury hotel chains just because they have name recognition. For almost any destination you want to travel to, smaller local hotels, inns or bed and breakfast options can be easily found. While not all of these accommodation types may be easy to find online, in many cases they do have some type of online presence to help you connect for making a reservation. These local accommodations can save you money and give you a better feel of what living in your destination city is really like.

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