Do you ever get speaking to one of those people that’re in love with a particular season? They have a way of rubbing you up the wrong way, because they will insist that you’re wrong for not feeling the same way. How can you not like summer? It’s so sunny, and it’s warm, and don’t you love pool parties? Even if you mention that you’re light-sensitive, they’ll still insist that that’s a minor quibble. After all, barbecues, right?

For some people, different times of the year mean just having to grit your teeth and get through it. Not being a fan of winter doesn’t mean you don’t like Christmas – maybe you just don’t take the cold well. But for people with seasonal health conditions, being expected to just adore that time of year can feel insulting.

Spring: Hey, Fever!

Everyone has their own way of telling when spring has sprung. For some, it’s seeing the first daffodils bloom. For others, it will be the start of the baseball season. For many, it’s when your eyes start streaming, and you can’t get through a sentence without sneezing.

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Hayfever is no fun, period. Most antihistamines that actually work make you drowsy, too. A lot of people find that herbal treatments at least limit the effects of the condition without the side effects. Merv 8 Air Filters among others are handy, too. Outdoors you may be at its mercy, but your home can be a haven at least.

Summer: Burn, Baby, Burn!

As soon as summer comes around, there is no doubt that the good times roll a little more freely. And even if you’re not great with heat, the presence of a lot of sunlight is good for your health. However, there is a balance to be found, especially if you’re fair-skinned.

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Sunburn is a deeply unpleasant experience. It hurts, and some doofus always wants to slap it, which hurts more. Having to stop and reapply sun lotion isn’t fun, either. Making up a balm of your own, with zinc, can be a life saver.

Autumn: Oh! My Head!

If you’re prone to migraines, then Autumn can be awful news. Scientists are still in two minds (that’s actually an excellent accidental pun) over the reason for migraine attacks. But one thing they do know is that drops in barometric pressure are a cause.

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So as much as you love kicking up leaves and watching as your breath appears in clouds, it might not be all good news this season. If you find yourself confined to bed feeling nauseous and headachey, at least you know why.

Winter: Pass The Inhaler

Snow is lovely, and everyone enjoys snuggling on the sofa watching TV as the evenings get longer. But if you have asthma, then winter can get boring quickly. No-one likes to burst out coughing or wheezing first thing in the morning – but that’s life for a lot of us.

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It is important to see a doctor if you have asthma for any reason, including that brought on by cold weather. Be aware, repeated unnecessary inhaler use can lead to over-tolerance of the medication. But when you need it, you really do need it.

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