Top 3 Best Ever Dragons’ Den Inventions

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Many Americans are familiar with a TV show called Shark Tank, a relatively recent reality series that highlights entrepreneurs and their inventions. But did you know that the UK has had a similar series for several years? Since its premiere on BBC 2 in 2005, Dragons’ Den, the UK’s favorite reality series featuring up and coming entrepreneurs, has witnessed a slew of inventions. The Guardian recently reported on a study that found ‘co-operative entrepreneurs are more successful’ than those who go it alone. Dragons’ Den is a testament to the power of collaboration when it comes to launching new products into the buying market. We’ve rounded up three of the show’s best ever inventions and where to purchase them.~



Trunki may be the most popular product to launch out of the Dragons’ Den. Company founder Rob Law appeared on the show in 2006, and the BBC has returned to Law’s company for three follow-up appearances. Trunkies are functional for adults and adorable for the children. These child-sized luggage pieces come in colorful, fun shapes, like ladybugs, cows, and fire trucks. They’re small enough to easily pull when travelling and conveniently fit for riding when little legs are tired. Choose the right Trunki for your child, and travel may become a little more fun for everyone.



Another child-friendly Dragons’ Den invention came from a husband and wife in the form of a specially constructed stroller. The couple appeared on Dragons’ Den earlier this year to outstanding results, and it looks like strollers from StrollAir are set to become more and more popular across the UK. These strollers are both innovative and fashionable, albeit a bit pricey. For parents looking for a less expensive option, check out these pushchairs from Littlewoods.


Levi Roots’ Reggae Reggae Sauce

This product is strictly for adults. Hailing from Jamaica, Levi Roots’ mission is to bring the vibrant flavors of his Caribbean heritage to the UK. Following his recent appearance on Dragons’ Den, Roots’ culinary enterprise has grown from a sauce made out of his home kitchen to cookbooks, chilled ready-made meals, and various types of soft drinks and snacks. Roots’ Reggae Reggae Sauce comes in mild and extra hot versions, so no matter how much spice you’d like to add to your chicken or rice, there’s a perfect sauce out there for you and your family.



  1. I enjoy Shark Tank. My whole family does. From the innovative products to he real advice, we get into it and think about what we would do. They have some dumb ideas, but they have great ones too. Fun to watch. Didn’t realize BBC had a show, too.

    • Some of the inventions on both shows make me laugh, but it is cool to realize how many legitimately great inventions were able to make it big because of these shows.


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