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If you’re in the midst of a limited diet and trying to lose those last five pounds, or if you’re getting started on the New Year’s resolutions early by trying to jump start your weight loss, you may be dreading your upcoming menu of healthy foods. Eating plain grilled chicken and tired steamed vegetables every day can get uninspiring. One way to liven up your taste buds a bit without adding extra calories is to look for simple and healthy ingredients to help. Here are the best add-ons to use when your plate of healthy food needs to be a little yummier.

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Hot Sauce

If you’ve got the same old plate of crunchy broccoli on your dinner table, don’t eat it plain anymore. Try adding a dash of your favorite hot sauce to give your mouth a new experience in flavor. You can even take advantage of the added benefit of burning more calories by eating foods that are a little spicier.

Curry Powder

For another spicy and tasty experience without extra fat or calories, try making something with some curry powder. This spice, which comes from India, is a great addition to any dishes consisting of meat, vegetables, or rice. Make sure you pick the variety of curry that matches your palate and isn’t too hot for your taste buds.


Fresh salsa is another way that dieters make their meals a little more flavorful. Instead of the canned varieties, make your own garden salsa with your favorite tomato variety, cilantro, red onions, and jalapeño peppers. Then, try covering your next egg white omelet breakfast dish in salsa to give it more taste and dimension.

Chicken Stock

Some home cooks have a constant supply of chicken stock in their pantry to use in a variety of dishes. You can even make your own variety for additional health benefits. If you’re aiming to get more from your grilled chicken dinners, you may want to marinate them in chicken stock overnight at first. Chicken stock can also be used in your favorite stews and soups to help get your healthy recipes off to a great start.

Miso Paste

You can follow some of the hottest trends in cuisine by using miso paste in your savory dishes. This flavor enhancer gives your meals the added taste of umami without loads of calories like other ingredients. It comes from fermented soybeans and has been used in Asian cuisine for centuries. It is also a vegetarian-friendly alternative to meat stocks in soups and stews. You can help give your noodles and rice dishes new dimension with this ingredient.


There’s nothing more refreshing for your mouth than the cool taste of mint. Adding herbs to your diet can additionally help you get more from your meals without extra calories. Choose fresh herbs over dried varieties when you can to get stronger flavors and higher quality. Mint is a great way to give your water more taste without additional calories.


If you don’t keep a stock of fresh lemons in the refrigerator, you may want to start doing so. Using either the zest from the lemon’s peel or a splash of fresh lemon juice in your foods can make them taste better and be more satisfying. Try squeezing fresh lemon juice over a crunchy salad to get a burst of citrus flavor.

Tasty Condiments

New condiment varieties on your store’s shelves also offer great ways of enhancing your favorite healthy dishes. Many of these condiments have very few calories and only require a tablespoon or less to make an impact on your meal. Try one of the many varieties of Just Mayo from Hampton Creek to get more from your dinner plate tonight.

Greek Yogurt

The last type of ingredient that could give your healthy plate a much-needed update is Greek yogurt. This beneficial dairy product offers you an alternative to the richness of greasy cheese and won’t derail your dieting. Nonfat Greek yogurt gives baked potatoes some additional creaminess that most dieters are missing on their plate.

Just because you’re watching what you eat doesn’t mean that your flavors have to suffer. Look for healthy ways to give your food more taste, and keep your diet on track for as long as you need to. That way, your figure will look great and your plate will be more satisfying.

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