Unfortunately, I have to skip ahead a bit on our Sims’ histories. A large portion of my screenshots from Caty’s childhood and teen years are nowhere to be found. I will do my best to fill in the details between pictures.

In this time, Mindy and Tetsu had another daughter they named Amber. A job change for Tetsu brought them to the town of Newcrest. They lived in a lively part of town in a massive log cabin home. Tetsu spent his days working hard at his job as a computer programmer. Mindy shifted her focus to writing. Unfortunately, their lives ended tragically early. While the rest of the family was away on vacation, Mindy became locked inside the master bathroom. It was here that she died of starvation. Tetsu was heartbroken to lose his childhood sweetheart in such a preventable way. The family still debates whether it was truly an accident, but Tetsu died in a drowning accident several days later.

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The losses affected Caty and Amber strongly. Caty had only just become an adult and was left to raise her little sister Amber. Fortunately, a large insurance payout allowed them to live very comfortably. They decided to move away from the bad memories and into a penthouse in the city. San Mishino was just the place for two young girls to live their lives.

Caty enjoyed music and being creative. Amber was strongly into fitness. They lived typically single lives for awhile, but both soon found true loves. Caty reconnected with and eventually married high school sweetheart Xander Bang. Amber fell for a coworker who happened to share her father’s name, Tetsu M.

Credit: http://tyrneathem.com

We don’t follow Amber’s story beyond this point, but the tale of Caty and Xander continues in the next installment of Sim Stories.

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