This is the story of a legacy family, so it follows the bloodline. For this reason, I didn’t really play the adopted children and their offspring as much. I didn’t want to leave you hanging on their stories, so here is where they are now…


Xander and Caty‘s daughter Cara is the adoptive mother of Levi. Cara dated but never really found true love. She had a comfortable life and wanted to share it with someone special. That was when she made the decision to adopt a troubled child. This is when Levi joined the family.


Levi struggled to adjust all through his childhood and teen years. Cara did her best to show him she would always be there for him. She encouraged him to pursue his interests in sports and science, but nothing ever clicked. His only true friend was his cousin Lucian.


He continued to live with Cara until she passed away from an unfortunate cowplant incident in her late adulthood. At this time, Levi disappeared and has never been heard from again. Lucian’s search for Levi only ended with his own death as an elder.


Lucian was the son of Kade and Anika. As you may recall, Kade was the nephew of Farrah. She adopted him and raised him as her own when he was left on her doorstep.


We do not know much of Lucian’s early life. As an adult, Lucian returned to the small home of his father’s youth. There he worked to rehabilitate an injured fox he named Tuck. They were never seen anywhere without each other. That fox loved Lucian!


Lucian was very much about the outdoors. He loved exploring the world around him and collecting treasures from the soil. He focused much of his time on caring for Tuck and stray animals around the neighborhood. He longed to be a veterinarian, but his finances never allowed for the tools to make that happen.


Late in his adulthood, Lucian met a fellow outdoors(wo)man and animal lover named Shannon. They adopted a daughter they named Melanie. Both lived out their lives searching for Levi and raising their daughter. They both died as elders but unfortunately left Melanie while she was still a teen. Before a relative could be located to take her in, she, unfortunately, died in a fire caused while trying to prepare herself dinner.

In our next installment, we will meet Lucian’s cousin… the daughter of Slade and Trinity. Catch up on past sim stories and meet our Rags to Riches family while you wait!

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