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A Trip You Want to Take This Year

Keeping it real, I will avoid the more obvious destinations like Hawaii and Disney and go with a place we could actually get to this year. I have lived my entire life (so far and with the exception of a few months in Seattle) in the state of Wisconsin. In that entire time, I have never been to one of our most popular destinations. Door County is sought out for the amazing views, fun things to do, cherries, and much more. It does have things for families, but it’s generally seen more as a couples’ destination.


We probably wouldn’t make it there during Ross’ summer break. He has been having some issues with his foot for several years. He’s tried a few options, but it looks like surgery is inevitable. He is anticipating scheduling any procedures during his summer break to reduce missed work time. If all goes well, he should be recovered enough for us to explore Door County in its most popular season. The autumn colors are stunning in Door County and I’d love to be there for that.

Where is someplace you would like to go this year?

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