the-eiffel-tower-103417_640Small supper clubs have sprung up all over Paris. The nondescript, often hidden, food venues have become a craze in the City of Lights. Most of the supper clubs are located close to hotels in Paris, which has made the popular eateries a favorite for international travelers. Famous chefs and culinary artists cook up delicacies in their own private kitchens to serve to small groups of strangers fortunate enough to book a seat. If you’re visiting Paris, try one of these three wildly popular supper clubs.

Aux Chiens Lunatiques

American chef David Tanis and Randal Breski host dinners in their 17th-century apartment located in the Latin quarter of Paris. All meals are made from hand-selected produce that comes directly from the famous markets of Paris. The Grand Hotel Saint Mark is located close to Aux Chiens Lunatiques, and is an ideal place to stay when enjoying the Paris supper club Aux Chiens Lunatiques.

There is no set price to dine at the Aux Chiens Lunatiques. At the end of the meal, a jar is passed around for diners to place what they feel is fair. The two chefs host the dinners during the winter months and they book up quickly, which makes reservations mandatory.

14th Arrondissement

14th Arrondissement is the supper club of Louisiana-born chef Jim Haynes. His studio apartment has been converted into a discreet supper club that will comfortably seat up to 70. Jim Haynes supper club was one of the first in Paris and has been in operation for over 30 years. It has served Sunday dinner to an estimated 120,000 patrons.

arc-de-triomphe-101632_640There is no cost for the dinner at 14th Arrondissement, but donations are accepted at the end of the night. Advance dinner reservations must be made online.

The Quality Hotel Paris Orleans is located close to 14th Arrondissement and a favorite overnight stopping off point for international travelers.

New Friends Table

New Friends Table is small, intimate supper club. Each week the group dinner serves eight or nine diners, in order to encourage one-on-one dialog and engaging conversations. Each dinner is held at rotating locations around Paris, usually in private residences. Dinners typically take place either Friday or Saturday evenings.

An invitation must be scored via email to dine at the exclusive, and much coveted, New Friends Table supper club. Donations are accepted–determined by each diner–to cover the cost of the meal.

French cuisine in an intimate setting is sure to be the highlight of any trip to Paris. In fact, many travelers fly to the city of love just to partake in an intimate dinner with a group of like-minded strangers, over supper.

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