blueheaderIt’s probably a bit crazy that I am even addressing this issue, but the surprisingly frequent stream of emotions over my site name is quite… well… disturbing. I had no idea that my choice would anger and frustrate so many people! Yes, people actually have messaged me in one way or another to tell me they hate my site name. Many do this while telling me they are leaving the site because of it. It has reached a bit of an extreme lately and I felt the need to explain… and maybe vent a bit.

The most common complaints are about the pronunciation and the spelling. I totally get that. I still have to pause before typing out the word. The pronunciation is awkward because it is a foreign word, of sorts. The most accurate way I can type out the pronunciation is tayr-nay-tum. The middle syllable probably carries the most emphasis, but my pronunciation varies a bit depending on the sentence I’m using the word in and my mood. It’s not really a real word… so it’s up for interpretation.

Early in the public life of this site, a private message to my Facebook page accused me of being “one of those horrible Pagans using Satan’s tongue even in my site’s name.” Hello, your padded room is calling! The “Satan’s tongue” used to create the site name is derived from the Gaelic language. Tyrn roughly means “the children of” and athem is an indicator of  “dragons.” Therefore, Tyrneathem means The Children of the Dragons. My religious beliefs had no play in the name choice.

A more recent complaint was that the name choice was poor branding. Maybe it was, if branding had been my intention. See, the thing is, when I first created the name and this site I had no intention of it becoming what it did. The name was chosen because it meant something to me personally and it was unique. I wasn’t thinking of branding or how easy it would be for others to find my site. It was more for a journal and less for others.

As my life evolved, so did my site… but I held on to that unique name because I still love it. I thought of rebranding at times, because the complaints have been so intense. It feels a lot like a personal attack akin to how you’d feel if someone picked on your child’s name. I even had fellow bloggers and friends pulling me in both directions over this. Many thought I should recreate the site under a new name and others said the unique name made me stand out. I have personally never judged a site on the name… it’s the content that matters. Ultimately, I decided that my site name is a representation of me and I’m not changing it.

If people choose to leave Tyrneathem because the name irritates them, then they are welcome to leave. The rest of us will hang out here in the castle and make up new words to irritate people. 😉


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