Some people can’t stand cleaning, others actually quite enjoy it – almost like a form of meditation. However, you feel about cleaning right now, you’d probably like to ensure you get it done in the most efficient way possible. The tips in this guide will help you to up your cleaning A-game. Enjoy!

Set A Timer

It’s so easy to get distracted while you clean, especially if you come across things that you haven’t looked at or used for a while. To combat getting distracted, set a timer for 30 minutes to an hour and see how you get on. Whenever you feel your focus slipping away, remember that the timer is on. It’ll also make the whole thing seem much more manageable if you vow to stop when the timer goes off. You could do this every day for a shorter amount of time to really spread out the cleaning, or in whichever way suits you best.

Invest In A Cleaning Apron

A cleaning apron isn’t just for professionals. The great thing about investing in one yourself is that you can have all of the supplies you need close by, without having to struggle or go backward and forward. It’ll make the job so much quicker, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t invest in one before. They are especially useful for days when you’re having a deep clean.

Use Kool-Aid To Clean Your Toilet Bowl

Getting the toilet bowl nice and shiny can be a little tricky at times. All you do is sprinkle over some lemonade Kool-Aid, leave for a little while, brush down the sides, and flush away afterward. It’ll completely eliminate build-up!


Don’t Be Afraid To Get Outside Help

Something many people avoid doing is getting outside help with the cleaning. However, there are some really effective ways you can do this without spending a lot of money at all. If you have a friend or sibling, why not offer to help them with their cleaning, and they with yours? This should halve the time for you both, and if you use the same cleaning techniques, that’s even better! One thing that many people hate doing is washing, drying, and pressing clothes. Why not find a service that does it for you? You will save so much time, and it’s unlikely to cost you a lot at all. What’s worth more; a little money or the extra time you’ll have?

Stock Up On White Vinegar

White vinegar can be one of the most effective cleaning products ever. If you’re wondering how to use white vinegar for cleaning; you can use it to clean your paintbrushes, wipe over your taps, clean wood paneling, and so much more!

Don’t Scrub Your Microwave

Don’t spend a long time scrubbing your microwave trying to get rid of built-up food. Instead, use a microwave safe bowl and fill with lemon and water. Then microwave for 5 minutes. Leave the mixture to cool down, and then give the sides a quick wipe down. Grime will be gone, and it’ll take very little effort!

Focus On The Bathroom Before Guests Come Over

When guests come over, it’s really easy to start feeling stressed and think you need to gut out and deep clean the whole house. However, if you’re going to focus on anything, make it the bathroom. The bathroom is the only room that the guests tend to spend time in alone, and it can be easy to spot a mess this way.Use Baby Oil On Greasy Appliances

Use Baby Oil On Greasy Appliances

Metal appliances can get greasy and grimy pretty quickly. How annoying is it when they are full of fingerprints too? Get a little baby oil and rub over your metal appliances. Not only will this clean them up and get rid of fingerprints, it should keep them shiny for a good week too!

Put On An Upbeat Playlist

This is a classic tip but you just can’t beat it. Grab your cleaning gear and put on an upbeat playlist. You’ll likely clean faster as you’ll be doing it to the beat, and you’ll have a much better time.


Grab A Baby Wipe

You don’t need a baby to make the most of baby wipes. Baby wipes can be used for quick cleanups all over the house. They are great for wiping down surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms, as well as wiping up after craft projects.

De-clutter Every Day

Don’t let clutter get on top of you. Make an effort to de-clutter every day. If you’re unsure about an item, get rid of it. Be vigilant, and take it to the charity shop or just recycle it. If you make it your goal to get rid of something you don’t need/use anymore every day, no matter how small, it’ll make the world of difference. Don’t ever keep things ‘just in case.’

Use Old Newspaper To Clean Your Windows

Some people use paper towels to clean their windows, but they are missing a trick. Use old newspaper instead. This can give a really wonderful, streak free finish. Not only that, it’s way more eco-friendly as you’re recycling the paper!

Use Used Dryer Sheets On Your Shower Handle

The shower handle can quickly lose its shine and get a little build up on it too. You can really get the most out of your dryer sheets by using them one last time on your shower handle and even your faucets. They’ll shine up nicely, and you can even use them on other surfaces if you wish. It takes a matter of seconds and it’ll make everything look shiny again.

These tips will help you to up your cleaning A-game in no time at all. If you want to become a more effective, eco-friendly cleaner, they are perfect for you. Try them out one at a time and see how you get on. Do you have any cleaning tips that you swear by? Make sure you leave them in the comments below!

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