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Company Bio: Doctor On Demand is a healthcare service that provides Video Visits with board certified physicians, psychologists, and lactation consultants from your state via smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. They are even able to provide you with prescriptions sent to your preferred pharmacy, if it is called for.

MSRP: $40 to $95 per session, depending on length and type

Personal Experience: I am a classic case of “white coat syndrome” from the elevated heart rate the moment I walk into my doctor’s office to the stuttering when I try to share my current symptoms. It can make it difficult for me to make that leap to setting up and going to an appointment for even the simplest of things. My local office also appears to have a revolving door installed, so it has meant a growing list of new doctors to get warmed up to. So when I found out about Doctor on Demand, a service that allows me to have a consultation in the comfort of my own home, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to try it firsthand. Doctor on Demand provided me with a free consultation so that I could tell you about it with my own experience!

It took just a few minutes to create my account and provide my basic information. Once the basics are filled out you can schedule appointments with a physician, pediatrician, psychologist, or lactation consultant for a convenient time. You can also see a doctor immediately, which is the option I took because I felt like it would be the most-used feature. I also went with the option to use my webcam on my computer, but they also offer iOS and Android apps to make it even more convenient.

doctorondemandlaptopIt was amusing, because there was a bit of a doctor’s office feel to the progression of the call. You begin by filling out an optional form covering the reason for your visit and any information on medications you are taking. It really only took me under five minutes to complete and move on. From there, you go to a “Finding a Doctor” screen. Unlike at my local doctor’s office, I only waited for eight minutes. At this point the screen let me know that the doctor was reviewing my chart. Under two minutes later, I was face to face with my doctor for the evening.

I guess you could say I was lucky to have a legitimate concern to “visit” the doctor with. I’ve had a bit of a cough that has hung on since the whole family was sick back in December and I thought this would be a great opportunity to address it. The doctor asked me a series of questions to clarify the points I had made in my chart. He had me do a few self-tests like checking pressure points for pain. Of course, he also had me cough and then had a few more questions for me. Based on my case history and the current cough, he reassured me that I just had a simple upper respiratory infection that can be very common with the type of cold I had had. This probably shouldn’t have come as a huge surprise to me, because my son had gotten one from the same cold spell.

Here comes the best part… he was actually able to prescribe some medication for me to help clear it up. He even determined that I don’t need an antibiotic because I haven’t had a fever. I love that there was no push to subscribe a bunch of medications. He focused on just what I needed to get better and also left me feeling at ease. He even recommended a natural remedy (honey) to help sooth my throat and ease the cough. As if I didn’t already feel much more comfortable than I typically do with a doctor, suggesting natural options won me over fully!

The whole appointment took under ten minutes, but I never felt rushed or like I was bothering him. He listened to me fully and clarified things I said without talking down to me. I could see it being a wonderful option for any concerns I have with Xander. Rather than drag him out to a pediatric office full of germs where he’d risk getting even more sick, I can have him assessed at home in his pajamas. So much more relaxed and productive!

It was a great experience and I would recommend trying it for yourself. Oh, did I mention you can try it out for free?! Use the code blog50 to get your own free session today! Whether you have questions about that ache in your elbow, the current measles outbreak, dealing with depression, or many other non-emergency topics they have someone who can help. It’s free to register and you can enter the code, store it in your account, and use it at a later date.

Pros: Convenient, fast, and in home video consultations with real board certified, local doctors. Pleasant experience. Mobile apps available. Prescriptions when relevant.

Cons: The fee may be more than your copay, so not very cost effective for some.

Overall Rating


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