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Many moons ago… almost three years ago to the day, actually… I reviewed a selection of notebooks from a company called WAFF. Their notebooks were created based on a love for waffles. I can appreciate that. 😉 I recently won a contest on WAFF’s Instagram page for their Mozaika journals. I received them a few days ago and, because this style was new to me, I wanted to share my experience with you.

Credit: http://tyrneathem.com/

If you are new to WAFF, let me catch you up. 🙂 Their waffle-like notebooks are made with bright silicone covers. The covers have grids in one style or another in which you can place tiles. The tiles, also made of silicone, have letters, numbers, symbols, and smilies on them. You can place the tiles in the grid on the cover to create phrases and designs that make the notebook uniquely yours. As you can imagine, this also can be used as an educational tool for teaching spelling and math to little kids. They have even created a play mat since I last reviewed.

Credit: http://tyrneathem.com/

The original tile style that I reviewed was almost like a snap-on style. Each tile would wrap around a square that stuck out of the surface. In the Mozaika journals, there are holes placed in a grid and the tiles have a small knob that pokes into the hole. I am finding that this style holds up better when placed inside backpacks or handbags. I have only had one tile get peeled off versus the numerous I have lost in the original style. As before, I still think they missed an opportunity by not making it possible to put tiles on the spine. There may be a reason they didn’t but I would love this feature.

Credit: http://tyrneathem.com/

The rest of the notebook is largely the same. The silicone cover is thick and sturdy. It feels great to the touch… almost velvety. The journal inside can be replaced thanks to the removable cover. I do not see additional tiles for sale in this style. They still sell the original notebooks and spare tiles in a large variety of designs including glitter.

Pros: Durable and colorful covers. Refillable. Customizable and fun!

Cons: Pieces get pulled off and could be easily lost.

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