Grocery shopping in our family tends to be an all day affair of bargain-hunting, label reading, and frustration. Each of the three of us has different dietary needs and it can put a strain on our monthly food budget to accommodate everyone. It is a big part of what has delayed us in fully embracing a gluten-free diet as a means to treat Xander’s eczema.

Our most recent monthly shopping trip found us at our usual local Walmart. While we were there, we had the opportunity to explore a variety of kiosks demonstrating the variety of gluten-free products now available at Walmart. I had no idea so many products were available!


Our first stop was featuring ready-made burritos and pizza from Udi’s. As a busy family, there are many times… probably too many… that we rely on convenience foods for a quick meal. It’s great to know that there are gluten-free options available and the prices were equivalent to their gluten-filled counterparts. We didn’t have a chance to sample the pizza because it was just being set up when we arrived, but the burritos were tasty. I’m not normally a big fan of microwaved burritos, so it was a pleasant surprise.

gfwalmartpoppedOur next stop proved that gluten-free can be enjoyed by all generations. I had the chance to sneak a shot of Nana and Xander gobbled up some very tasty Quaker Popped rice snacks. It was definitely a favorite from our shopping trip! They are a crunchy treat great for snacking. With both sweet and savory flavors, you can tackle any snack attack in a healthy way.

gfwalmartbarsLater on in our trip, while seeking out something to give me energy without weighing me down for my morning workouts, I discovered even more gluten-free goodies in the nutrition bar aisle. Clif and Luna bars now come in a variety of delicious gluten-free options. I grabbed several flavors to try including Caramel Nut Brownie and Cookie Dough. Yum! Come back later this month for a recipe featuring Clif bars.


Next time you’re at Walmart, be sure to stop by the Gluten-Free sections. You can find one in the dry goods area and one in the frozen section. If you’re just getting started, these are great places to start with a variety of featured products. You can find even more products throughout the store including cereals, breads, cookies, and frozen meals. With an expanding selection of gluten-free options and their handy Savings Catcher app that makes sure we’re paying the lowest prices, Walmart is truly making it easier for our family to go gluten-free!

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