Many people value privacy above all else, but in this day and age it is becoming quite hard to find somewhere that is off the beaten track and somewhere less lived in and more rural to make your home. As the human population inevitably expands more places are taken up. But rest assured, there are still some great places out in the world where you can live in comfort and also in privacy. Here are some ideas to get you started in your hunt for a better home.

The American Mountains

There are many mountain ranges in America, but attached to them are usually areas of great beauty that allow you serene privacy mixed with a stunning area. Of course, many of these areas are national parks and you can’t live on them. But there are still places to choose from, go for Colorado if you enjoy skiing, and there are some great homes for sale too, right in the mountains so you can get something among the fine greenery and watch the sun set below the misty mountains every night before you go to sleep.


Welsh Wildes

Wales is often overlooked as a place for a home. But, it has stunning scenery that rivals the sights of New Zealand. There are dozens of quiet Welsh villages in the wilds you can join onto. Or instead get something even more rural in the mountains of forests of North Wales. The amazing scenery mixed with the warm welcoming of the people who live there make for a private yet also welcomed life. The city of Cardiff is one of the fastest developing cities in Europe and is the capital city of Wales, so there is always somewhere to get back into the hustle and do some shopping.

Ranch Up In Texas

Granted, you can get yourself a ranch in all kinds of American states, but Texas is one of those where privacy is still very much valued. Buying some farmland or ranchland puts you right out of the way and gives you an income in the form of the crops grown or animals raised there. You’ll need the experience to do this however. But, you can just turn a ranch and the land around it into a home set apart from anyone else and in your own corner of the world. Privacy is pretty much guaranteed when others have to make a considerably drive through texan countryside to get to you.

Gated Community

It is hard to pick a certain gated community as there are so many across the world that are great. Granted, some, like the elusive beverly hills, are way more expensive than others. But you would be surprised how many there are and how affordable they can be. This is the best in terms of privacy because no one can get in without having a pass that says you actually live there. This is a great option for people who want the privacy but don’t mind living in normal style streets.

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