If you have water damage in your home, you need to act fast. Delaying for too long could cause permanent damage to not only your possessions, but your home. Here’s a simple guide to follow if you have water damage in your home:

Turn Off The Power In Your Home

Make sure the first thing you do before anything else is turn off the power in your home. If your home continues to get soaked with water, then you may end up with more serious problems if the power is still on. Somebody could be fatally injured if you’re not careful. Make sure this is your first port of call before doing anything else at all.


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Find The Source Of The Damage

Maybe you know where the damage has come from already. If you don’t, make sure you find the source of the damage. Knowing where the problem started will enable you to take the appropriate steps to fix your problem later on.

Stop The Flow Temporarily If Possible

Can you temporarily stop the flow of water? If you can, then try. You could put down some towels as a temporary measure, for example. If the flow is too strong, then don’t try to stop it. You may end up causing more damage and hurting yourself in the process.

Dry Up And Clear Debris

Only if possible, dry up and clear any debris from the area. If the flow is too strong, as mentioned above, then you’ll likely need to leave this to the professionals. Don’t try to do anything that could impact your home in a negative way, or your health.


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Call The Professionals ASAP

Call the professionals as soon as you can. Going for somewhere like ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba could mean you have the problem sorted in no time at all. That being said, it depends on how serious your problem is. The sooner you call in the professionals, the sooner you can have the source of water stopped and the damage reverse. Bear in mind you may need to find a temporary place to stay if your water damage is serious. Even if you’ve only just discovered water damage after it’s been there a while, you may have mould in your property. Mould can be very dangerous for the health of your family! You should treat mould and damp as seriously as you treat obvious flooding and damage. Don’t put your family’s health at risk.

Take Away Possessions If It’s Safe To Do So

Only if it’s safe to do so, should you take away your possessions. If electricals are wet and damp, it’s probably better leaving them and replacing them later on. You don’t want to put your life at risk for the sake of a TV. Remove valuable jewelry and other possessions if it’s safe. Don’t put yourself or anybody else at risk!

Act quickly if you have water damage in your property, even if you’re sure it’s been there for a while. Good luck!

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