Lots of us have weight loss ‘tricks’ shoved in our faces every day. Whether it’s your friend selling Juice Plus or a fashion magazine plugging some new product, we can’t get away from it. However, there are some real weight loss tricks out there. Tricks you’ll hardly believe work because they are so simple – even fun! Read on to find out what they are…

Positivity And Visualization

Taking just 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes at night for this step will catapult you to far quicker and more astonishing results. It might sound crazy, but you can reprogram your brain this way. Changing negative thoughts to positive thoughts, and visualizing yourself in your dream body can change your life! The best thing is, you can do this with just about any aspect of your life too. Your brain will change pathways, and you will subconsciously take the steps needed to achieve your dreams. If you speak to any truly healthy and happy person, they likely at least think positively as often as they can. It takes practice, but it really works.

The Mind Muscle Connection

If you’re working out, you need to make sure you’re not just going through the motions. The key is to make sure you have that mind muscle connection. Really think of the muscle and focus on it as you work it. Your results will be faster and far more profound when you put this tip to use!


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What?! You can lose weight just by breathing?! That’s right! All of us breathe, so this is good to know. Many people don’t know that our bodies get rid of much of our fat by breathing it out. This is why breathing properly as you workout and in general is important. Make sure you’re taking deep breaths, and taking them right into the tummy. When we are panicked, we take short chesty breaths. This can stop us from burning fat, as the body thinks it’s stressed. Many of us have just got used to breathing this way! Start practicing proper breathing techniques today and you could notice huge improvements in your weight loss.

Vitamins And Supplements

The right vitamins and supplements can enhance our efforts. Don’t depend on them, but use them alongside a good routine. Supplements like Forskolin have been rated highly amongst people losing weight.


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A Healthy Sleeping Pattern And Rest Days

If you’re trying to lose weight without getting plenty of sleep, you’re likely fighting a losing battle. Make sure you’re getting 7-9 hours a night, depending on how much you need. Try to make it high quality too! Taking a rest day off from exercise is important too. The body needs to relax to get results too.

Cheat Meals

That’s right. Eating your favorite foods can even help you to lose weight! You absolutely must make sure you’re not taking it OTT though. As long as you’re eating mostly natural, healthy foods, one cheat meal a week could kick your metabolism into gear. It isn’t all about depriving yourself! Chances are, that cheat meal will also give you more energy and determination to smash the coming week!

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