Being happy with you home isn’t always about making massive changes, or buying a bigger place, or moving to a nicer area just because society suggests it is a nicer area. Making your home your happy place can just be a matter of appreciation, learning how to love the little things, not making comparisons to what others have making the most out of what is on offer. By changing up the little things – or even changing the way you look at them – can be the catalyst to becoming happier, healthier and more relaxed than you’d ever considered possible.

It’s All In The Outlook

A lot of people take what they have for granted, usually without even realizing it. So start thinking about everything you are grateful for. Take a little stroll around your home and see what it offers, things that you may have once pined for but never realized you had. Maybe you have a porch with a fabulous garden; well why not start your days with a cup of coffee out there. Maybe you have a bay window that would be the perfect spot for a seat, or a chair, or hammock, somewhere you can read and dream. A lot of satisfaction comes from within, so it’s a wise place to start.

Get Rid Of Clutter

We’re not suggesting you go full on minimalism (although we have heard that it can do wonders for realigning your priorities in life). We’re just talking about getting rid of the stuff you are keeping for the sake of keeping. Why not hold a yard sale and make a few bob out of everything that is filling your conservatory, or go through your wardrobes and give what you don’t wear to charity? Fewer things can often be a blessing and that is because we falsely believe happiness comes from possessions, which it doesn’t (unless you own a Unicorn in which case it does).

Things That Make You Smile

One of the best ways to make your home happy is to have things that echo this mentality, and a great place to start is your walls. Framing your kids’ pictures is the ultimate testament to love, but other ways to make you smile can be bought for next to nothing. Etsy has incredible art, and Amazon has little bits and bobs you can frame, and there are places to buy old mirrors and what not and, what’s more, you can usually always find great deals for these things through pluscodepromo. What’s better than that; finding a cheap and gorgeous art and getting it even cheaper. Amazing.

Get Creative

Why not make a little corner somewhere in your home where you and your family can get creative. Not only does it beat sitting in front of the television and mindlessly watching nothing, it will bring you enjoyment, peace, calm, serenity, and be that place where your family can always do something together. Rain or shine, you can have fun as one. Go on, give it a go.

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