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When you’re busy it’s so easy to let your personal wellness goes out of the window. You can often catch yourself feeling tired and eating unhealthily when you’re in a rush. Of course, the less you look after yourself, the worse you’ll look and feel. Your skin might get spotty; your hair will look dull, and the bags under your eyes will probably get bigger! When you see these symptoms arising, you should know it’s time to take charge and implement some positive changes.

1. Attend a Pilates Class

You might not be the biggest lover of exercise, but you definitely know it’s something you should be doing more of. Booking yourself into a Pilates class helps to relax the mind and stretch out a tense body. Just taking an hour a week to focus on your breathing will really help to center your mind.

2. Make Sure You Get Enough Sleep

Who doesn’t loves to get plenty of sleep? There’s just no denying it, sleep is wonderful! But when you have a young child to run around after – sleep if often the first thing to go. When you know you need an early night you need to make the most of it. Draw a bath, drink some hot cocoa and read a book before bed. Don’t even let yourself check Instagram in bed! Too much technology can really affect sleeping patterns.

3. Eat More Vegetables

It’s  especially lovely to do this in Autumn when everything just tastes super fresh! When you’re tired it’s important to dose up on your green vegetables; spinach is full of iron, which helps to increase energy levels. Remember raw vegetables are even better for you than cooked vegetables. So always try to keep some chopped, raw carrots in the fridge for when you get peckish.

4. Give My Back a Break

It’s so easy to underestimate just how hard our back has to work to hold us up every day. It’s so important to book regular trips to your trusted chiropractors. A regular visit helps me to relax and release some tension.

5. Buy a New Lipstick

As much as we all love clothes shopping, there’s something so wonderful about wearing a new lipstick. It brightens the face and will bring a little color to your cheeks. It’s also a much cheaper option than buying a whole new outfit.

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6. Drink More Water

Everyone is guilty of not drinking enough water. No matter how many times we all read that we should be drinking 8 glasses a day, we still don’t manage to do it! When we are feeling sluggish, it’s important to start the day with a giant glass of water. It will refresh you and help you to feel more awake.

7. Laugh With Your Friends

They say that laughter is the best medicine and it’s not hard to believe it! Nothing will make you feel more alive that a night out with your pals. Breaking the everyday cycle is essential to wellness and laughing is, quite simply, good for the soul. Always make time for your friends.

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