If you’ve made a New Year resolution to be more spontaneous and seize the day, you might already be checking out those last minute getaway vacations. They sound so exciting, and it’s tempting to snap them up as you see them. But just how practical is it to drop everything for a vacation? Is it really possible when you have a family? Here are some things you need to prepare before you leave:

Who To Tell

It’s not practical just to drop everything and leave without letting someone know you’re away! Your boss might like to be kept in the loop for example. And if you’re leaving during school, then the principal might like a heads up that your children won’t be there. If you have any regular appointments, be courteous enough to tap out an email as soon as you can. And if you’re expecting a delivery, ask the neighbor to pick it up for you.


If you have a good neighbor with a key, it might be possible to leave your pet at home in their care. Perhaps your parents are happy to take them in at a moment’s notice? Not all kennels and catteries can take last minute bookings. However, if yours are available, make sure all your pet vaccinations are up to date before you pay for that vacation.


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A Go Bag

If you like to grab last minute vacations, then it might be worth having a vacation bag already packed to go. It saves you having to get the laundry done and figuring out your packing list. The more ready you are before you book the vacation, the easier it is to drop everything and head off into the sun.

Easy Booking

To enjoy a good vacation, it is often easier to book everything you need from one place or website. You might already be on an email list to get the best Hotwire deals sent to you, or you might prefer to check in with your favorite travel sites daily. If you know you want to get away this weekend, use an all-in-one service online. Then you can book your flights, hotels, and car rental all at the same time.


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Sometimes, it’s possible to book a vacation without knowing much about the destination. To research a place quickly, use bookmarking or a service like Pocket to collate pages of information online. Then you can read up on the way to the airport or while waiting for your transfer.


It’s not that easy to enjoy a vacation without a little spending money for when you get there. If you want to take advantage of a quick getaway, why not have a savings pot for vacations you can dip into? Put away a little from your paycheck each month so you’ll have some cash ready and waiting to take advantage of that last minute vacation deal.

Taking advantage of a last minute break can be so refreshing. You might be waiting for the right deal to come up. Or maybe you’re feeling whimsical and just need a getaway. Make the most of your quick escape but being prepared for it!

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