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Regular readers of my blog will know that I’m pet crazy. I love anything that is cuddly and furry, and I also love anything that isn’t cuddly and furry! At the moment, we are in the process of buying a bird as a pet. For some reason, I love the idea of having a bird and mixing up the demographic of the animals in the house. One thing did strike me while we were looking around, however – we have never had a bird before. I know – it is something I should have realized earlier! But, I started to think about how different pet birds were to other pets and it made me realize we need more than a nice home and a lead to look after this one. So, I decided to list all the things that we may or may not need to do before we can safely usher in the year of the bird at home. Here’s what I have so far.

Do We Have The Time?

What I know about birds is that you have to treat them like other pets. We have dogs, and we walk them and show them love just like we would need to with a bird. I have heard stories where owners thought they could just leave them in their cage and they would be fine, and in the end they died. It is a sad story and one that I want to avoid. We have to make sure that we have the time to take care of them and play with them just like we would any other animal in the household.

Do We Have The Money?

For starters, buying a bird is expense depending on what type of bird we choose. At the moment, we are thinking of a bird that is more exotic, but that means they are also more expensive. The more conventional house birds are a lot cheaper, yet they don’t have the same appeal. After all, we can’t teach a budgie how to talk, but we can teach a parrot! In the end, we will have to make a tough decision because exotic birds are also more expensive to maintain, too.

What About The Personality?

So as not to sound mean, the reason I want an exotic bird is because they tend to have more personality. Birds like Conures can sing and dance and talk and hang upside down for their perch, which sounds amazing! From my point of view, I love our pets because of their personality and their charm, so I want one that will fit right in. There is no doubt our home is a madhouse, and a mad bird will make a great addition to our family’s life.


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Where Will We Keep It?

The obvious answer is a cage, but then you have to think about what type of cage? Again, it depends on what type of bird we decide to buy as every bird has different needs. Plus, we want a quality home for our new friend so they can live happily and comfortably. Talking of conures, I recently came across a website with the best conure bird cages. If we do go for a conure, I’m pretty sure I will head back to that site to have a closer look.

Are The Other Pets Going To Be Okay?

I know that the bird will be in its cage, but I still worry about our other pets. Thankfully, we don’t have cats, so there is no need to worry about Sylvester trying to nab Tweety Bird! Still, you never know how the other pets are going to react, and that is a worry. The cage should be enough to keep them out of each other’s way in all fairness. I just hope that they can all settle down and get on with life and not cause too much of a fuss. I suppose the only way to find out is to buy a pet bird and see what happens.

What About Their Safety?

I am not talking about safety from the other pets this time. Now, I am talking about safety from the thieves and burglars. Exotic pets cost a lot of money, and a burglar won’t think twice about stealing one to sell it on for a profit. The last thing we want is to buy a new pet and then have to explain to the kids what happened. Plus, no one wants their house targeted because of a pet. I know it sounds over the top, but we might have to think about making the house more secure.

How Do You Give It Exercise?

It’s not like we can put it on a leash and take it for a walk? The obvious answer is that we that it out of its cage and fly around the house. But, how long do you let it fly around for? There is always the nagging thought in the back of my head that it could get out and fly away. Plus, when it is out of its cage it is a lot more vulnerable. And, I don’t want bird poop all over the furniture!

What About Veterinary Care?

Of course, the bird will need to go and see the vet every once in awhile just like every other pet. But, do we go to a regular vet, or do we go to see a specialist? Because birds are different pets, I have all these strange thoughts running around in my head. After a bit of research, I think that most veterinary surgeons will do the job. After all, they are animal professionals. The only other thing is the extra cost. Vet bills do not come cheap, and I have a sneaky suspicion that the bills for a bird will be higher than the bills for normal pets.


As you can see, there is a lot for us to think about. In the main, I think that the only real concerns are the cost and the safety of the animal. Everything else is pretty much self-explanatory, or will become a lot clearer in time.

I hope my monolog helped if you are looking into buying a pet bird, too!

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