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While Valentine’s Day tends to be perceived as a commercial event all around the world, there is no denying that each couple needs to celebrate their love to keep it alive. However, you also want to make it special, and consequently to focus on a meaningful date for both of you instead of embracing the commercial features of the international day of love. Admittedly, we have to be honest: Your partner still expects you to have remembered to buy a bunch of flowers or a box of chocolate in February. But ultimately, your meaningful day is not Valentine’s Day. It’s the date of your anniversary, which is different for every couple. It’s the day that needs to be celebrated year after year, as a way of showing your growing love. It’s your way of thanking your partner for another year together. How do you best celebrate? The answer varies depending on your partner’s interests. But ultimately, you can forget about the roses and the chocolates. Now is the time for creativity and attention to details: Make your anniversary gift personal.


For a Fashionista

If your partner or spouse is an elegant fashion lover, you can surprise them with jewelry items, from the Michael Kors watches collection to a pair of precious gemstone earrings. If you want to make it really personal, you can engrave the date on the back of the watch, for example. However, if you’re unsure of what to buy for a fashionista, here are some tips. You shouldn’t buy any item of clothing unless you’re 100% certain that it will fit. There’s nothing worse than a beautiful dress that is too small. The choice of jewelry is much more appropriate for an anniversary celebration. Focus on your partner’s habits. What kind of jewelry does she wear? What is her style? And make sure that what you buy is suited to her tastes, and not to yours only!

For a Loving Stay-at-Home Partner

If your partner tends to work from home or to stay-at-home, such as a housewife, for instance, the best present you can make is something they will be able to see every day, such as a WoodSnap of your favorite memories together. If you’re into DIY craft, you can even make the gift yourself, using a clean and smooth plank of wood and gel medium to transfer a laser printed photo onto the surface. You can, for instance, create a new kitchen board with memories from your wedding day, or with all her favorite family pictures. This works well with cubes too, so that you can transfer a photo on each face.

For an Adventurer

If your partner is the kind of person who loves to discover new things, why not surprise them with a romantic holiday? You can even plan a treasure hunt through the house to find the plane tickets if you want to take their breath away. It can be tricky to keep the surprise until you drive together to the airport, but if you can, your partner will never forget this anniversary!


How do you make your anniversary special? From precious jewelry to unexpected trip to the other side of the world, your partner deserves the best!

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