Winter Wonderland?

We had some pretty wild thunderstorms last night. I was very impressed that Xander and Ross both slept straight through some of the cracks that I heard. Unfortunately, I was woken by Pandora. I guess we know where the phrase “scaredy cat” comes from. :P

I woke up this morning and kept hearing the strangest scratching and moaning type noise. I was pretty convinced we would need to call some sort of animal control to get the creature out of our walls. Then I crawled out of bed, opened the curtains, and looked out on this…


It was like waking up to some Winter Wonderland. Everything is covered in a layer of ice. It’s beautiful… but it’s supposed to be Spring! That moaning I heard is the trees. The scratching is their heavy branches touching our house. This sort of scares me, because we had a similar storm when I was a kid and a huge old oak in our backyard went tumbling over from the weight of the ice. These trees are a little too close to the house for my liking, right now.

Fortunately, the temperature is rising and I’m seeing some melting already. I’m getting rather desperate for Summer now.

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