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Winter is nearly upon us! It’s worth taking some time to look at cost-efficient steps you can take to keep the heat in. Nobody wants to receive an extortionate heating bill when those long months are over. Equally, no one wants to sit in the cold. We’ve looked at how to prepare your home for winter, but what can you do when winter rolls around? Following these small steps will save you some crucial pennies. Don’t get caught short when that bill lands on your doorstep.

Keep Your Windows Covered

It’s no surprise that windows are where most heat escapes. After all, having large panes of glass on the wall is bound to lead to some chills. Even if you’ve invested in double glazing, you can guarantee that your windows will be cold points. But what can you do to stop the problem? Simple custom window treatments can be a massive help in stopping any unwanted breezes. Investing in a good pair of blinds, or a sturdy set of curtains, is going to save you money in the long term. Just remember that you don’t want your house to get musty and damp. Make sure you’re not keeping the windows covered throughout the day. A damp room is only going to lower the temperature and undo your efforts.

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Seal Any Gaps

Every home has unwanted gaps, and these are where drafts sneak in. Covering those gaps can be a massive help in the effort to warm the temperature. The main culprits for these gaps and doors and windows. Check under your doors and around your window seals to spot any icy patches. There are many draft extractors available, or you could make your own and save even more money. This problem is so easily solved but can have a real effect on the overall temperature if not sorted.

Keep Radiators Clear

We all know it can be a challenge to arrange our furniture sometimes. It’s hard enough making everything perfect, without having to consider where the radiators are. You may have put that perfect armchair across the radiator, but you’ll soon live to regret it. Radiators radiate heat, so their effectiveness is bound to drop if there’s something in front of them. It may seem like a lot of hassle, but making sure they are clear will mean you get a lot warmer, a lot quicker. Who doesn’t want that? You could turn the heating on for half the time and still feel warmer than you would with a blocked radiator. Sacrifices are necessary, and the perfect furniture arrangement is something worth losing.

Position Your Furniture Towards Warmth

It’s furniture rearranging again, I’m afraid. This is the last one, honest! Rearranging your furniture to the warm spots can be a massive help in keeping you toasty. After all, if your chair is right by a window or an outer wall, how can you expect to keep warm? Position your furniture so that you gain the most heat from your radiators.

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