Some time ago, while browsing the Ravelry message boards, I came across a post where other knitters were sharing all of the lovely things that they were doing with their leftover bits of sock yarn. It’s probably not a surprise that I have quite the stash of it myself. I had started using the bits to make a Blanket of Many Colors, but once I saw the Beekeeper’s Quilt I knew I had to make one.

The Beekeeper’s Quilt is a collection of hundreds of little hexagon-shaped pillows… known in the Beekeeper circle as hexipuffs. Those making the quilt have baskets and baskets of puffs and often exchange puffs with one another. It’s become a whole little culture of its own.

I have only been at it for a few days, but I’ve already made 20 hexipuffs (19 shown here). My goal is to complete at least two a day… at least until I run through the scraps that I have on hand. I love that so many of my scraps are from self-striping yarns. The same yarn can create entirely different looking puffs based on where you are in the color pattern.

Here are the hexipuffs I have so far. It represents only five different yarns.


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