{Works in Progress} Rainbow Mitts

Well, the hat and the scarf are now completed in my rainbow-colored winter accessories set… time to move on to the finger-less mitts!

I am once again returning to a favorite pattern for this part of the set. I am doing the Hedgerow Mitts, but with two slight variations. I will not be doing the textural stitch. I wanted to keep them simple and as well-matched to the rest of the set as I could. I tried doing a 2×2 ribbing like the hat, but the stitch count was off and I just didn’t feel like messing with the math when I know these fit so well as is. I also opted to make these only two inches in the cuff rather than the four and a half the pattern calls for. I like the longer cuff for added warmth, but the shorter cuff is easier to put on when my jacket is already on. Have to remember the practical stuff, too. ;)


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