{Works in Progress} To Stripe or Not to Stripe? That is the question for these #knit socks.

My husband came to me yesterday and pointed out that the very first pair of socks that I made for him are wearing out on the sole. It doesn’t really come as a surprise to me, because he wears them all the time. Our office/ playroom/ family room area is on a sublevel, so it stays cool all year, and he even wears the socks in the summer when he’s downstairs.

I actually have to rescue these poor socks on occasion to wash them… forcing Ross to wear one of the other pairs that are not yet broken in. I tried some other techniques on these other pairs to see what would give him the best fit and he doesn’t find them as comfortable. Apparently, my first time was a charm. ;)

So, I decided to see what I had in my stash and set off on tackling another endless pair of socks for my big-footed hubby. His socks typically require four skeins of sock yarn, and I have an annoying habit of only buying sock yarn in pairs. I have so much yarn (but never enough lol) that I didn’t want to buy more for this project. Ross likes simplicity and isn’t a fan of stripes. I found two shades of grey in the same brand of yarn that I used for those first socks (KnitPicks Stroll, of course!) and an idea began to take shape.

I whipped out the appropriate needles and started fiddling around with a few attempts. I knew I couldn’t do anything definitely striped, but I thought I might be able to create the illusion of not stripes. (Sure, that makes sense.) Ultimately, I decided on doing alternating rows of the two grey colors. The jury’s still out on this one, but here’s the results thus far…


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