Wrapping up week one of New Year New Me 2015

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This first “week” of my challenge was closer to two weeks, because it began with the first of the year. I kicked off the year with a wish to you all for a happy New Year and a list of my goals for this year. One of the biggest of those goals is to focus on my health.

Ironically, it was my health that made it a bit difficult to stick to my plan this first week. My whole family has been sick off and on since around Christmastime and we can’t seem to fully kick this. It seems like we start to feel better and then one or another of us gets sick all over again. I’m used to airing out the house at least once a month in winter months, but the below zero temps here have made that difficult. Fortunately, we seem to be reaching the end of the cold temperatures and the sickliness.

With all of that said, I did my best to stick to my health plan. There were days I didn’t want to eat at all and then days that I made up for missed meals, but through it all I tried to make smart choices. I have also stuck to avoiding soda since December 29th, so I’m on track there. It has not been difficult to reach my minimum of 60 ounces of water because the flu has made me very thirsty, but I still struggle to reach that 100 ounces. I got there a few days, but less than half of the first 11 days of my challenge.

I started the year at 255.1 pounds and weighed in today at 254.7. A loss of 0.4 pounds is not a great loss, but any loss is better than nothing… particularly when I wasn’t even able to exercise more than a couple days in all this time. I still hope that the next week is better. ;)

I’ll be taking things a bit slow this coming week, but I have plans to tackle a bit of my decluttering goals. I’m thinking a junk drawer and maybe reorganizing the kitchen cupboards. I also want to get around to that promise of a weekly vlog… I’ve just been trying to spare you the visual of sickly me. Trust me, you’re glad I did that! :P

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