This past weekend we had a few family members over for a simple cake and ice cream gathering. I was aiming for one of those informal, no-fuss type of gatherings. I can’t do no fuss…

Originally, it was going to be Friday evening on Xander’s actual birthday, but we decided to move it to Saturday so more people could make it. Then I thought we should really get some snacks, because some of them may not have eaten or may be around yet toward supper time. The room felt blah once we set the cake on the counter, so I thought we should at least have a quick banner and some balloons. I even got the fridge magnets in on the action.

We had some fun. My nieces put on a show with the instruments they are learning and Xander joined in. My nephew Cody showed Xander how to wrestle using my sister-in-law Renae for the demonstration. Xander also helped Mackenzie and Nevaeh make a bracelet for Nana.

We did the usual cake ceremony. Xander wasn’t so thrilled about the singing part, but he was ready to blow out the candle!

I think his favorite part was opening the presents!

Overall, I think our simple celebration was a nice way to ring in his third year! Next year, I think I’ll try to plan ahead a little more and just face the fact that it’s fun to have parties for little kids!

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