The Halloween Witch

Each year they parade her about…the traditional Halloween Witch. Misshapen green face, stringy scrapes of hair, and a toothless mouth beneath her disfigured nose. Gnarled, knobby fingers twisted into a claw, protracting from a bent and twisted torso that lurches...

How to Choose Baby Shoes

Your little one is crawling, pulling herself up and holding on to furniture and she’s beginning to cruise along the tables and couches. It’s time for her first pair of shoes. If you’re thinking of those white, leather high-topped shoes with the stiff soles, shove them...

History of Games

Board games have a long history. We can presume that the first games were created when human life became settled enough to enjoy leisure time and not focus entirely on survival. Games also serve a purpose beyond entertainment: they are a great way to teach and learn,...

From Soda to Tea

I very recently gave up soda. (Yes… again.) It has been a hard habit for me to break. I was looking for alternatives to drink, because I tend to get a bit bored with water. I try to avoid adding anything to my water and I don’t want to waste calories...

Message to My Teenager

A friend of mine recently shared this to her profile on Facebook. Though my son is nowhere near a teenager just yet, I thought it was worth sharing for those who are already there. There’s some great… and sometimes humorous… advice in this list. 1....

The History of Today’s Chair

Look around the room you are sitting in right now. When was the last time you thought about the origins of everyday objects… things we often take for granted because it feels as though they’ve always been there? It’s crazy to think about it, but even...
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